Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)


Total Students: 43,991
International Students: 300
Address: No.5, Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Regrettably this world-class university is often ignored by international students distracted by all of Beijing’s other first-rate schools; this is one of the best in China. Beijing Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive set of programs, including mechanical engineering, optoelectronics, information and electronics, automation, EE, computer science, material science, chemical engineering and environment as well as law, management and more. These classes are offered in Chinese, while the school also provides English-language degree programs in electronic science and technology and international economics and trade.


Fees Structure

Language students (In RMB):

Tuition ¥ 8500 per semester for Language & Culture
¥ 11200 per semester for Preparatory Course
Books (estimate) ¥ 200 / per semester

Undergraduate students (In RMB):

Tuition ¥ 22960 / per year for engineering, management and arts
¥ 23600 / per year for literary
¥ 30600 / per year for English-medium
Books (estimate) ¥ 800 / per year

Budget for Master’s students (In RMB):

Tuition ¥ 36600 (English) -32600/ per year

¥ 78000 (English or Chinese medium) / per year

Books (estimate) ¥ 1000 / per year


Bachelor Degree Programs

Electrical Engineering (English)
Electronic Science and Technology (English)
Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering (English)
Intelligent Mechatronic Engineering (English)
International Economy and Trade (English)
Mechanical Engineering (English)
Software Engineering (English)
Electronic Science and Technology
Biological Engineering
International Economics and Trade
Social Work
Chemical Engineering and Technique
Communication Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Electrical Engineering & Automation
Electronic Science and Technology
Electronic Science and Technology (Optical Electronics)
Engineering Mechanics
Environmental Engineering
Industry Engineering
Information Engineering
Material Chemistry
Material Molding & Control Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Measurement-control Technology and Instruments
Mechanical Engineering & Automation
Optical Information Sciences and Technology
Pharmaceutics Engineering
Polymer Materials and Engineering
Thermal Power Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Applied Physics
Art Design
Business Administration
Industrial Design
InformatioManagement & Information System
Information and Computing Science
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Public Affairs Administration


Master Degree (taught in English / 2.5 years)

Management Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Control Science and Technology
Information and Communication Engineering
Electronics Science and Technology
Full-time MBA (2 years)
Part-time MBA (2 years)
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Safety Science and Engineering
Software Engineering



  1. International Education Communication Center (Guo-Jiao Hotel)

This is a three star hotel. There are western restaurant, Chinese traditional restaurant and public washing room in this building.

Room type: Apartment style. Three or two single rooms share one living room, TV, bathroom and 24 hour-hot water service.

Room Condition: Air-conditioner, phone, bookshelf, desk, wardrobe, safe, internet access ¥ 120 per month.

Rent: RMB140/bed/day for three-rooms-apartments; RMB165/bed/day for two-rooms-apartments.

  1. Foreign Expert Residence Hall.

Rent: RMB100/bed/day.

Room type: Standard twin bed room. There are public washing room and public kitchen in this building.

Room Condition: Air-conditioner, phone, desk, wardrobe, bathroom, Internet Access ¥ 120 per month, 24 hour-hot water service. Bedlinen is already provided.

  1. International Student Residence #14

Rent: RMB45/bed/day.

Room type: Apartment style, Three or two double rooms share one living room, shower room and toilet.

Room Condition: Air-conditioner, phone, bookshelf, desk, wardrobe, internet access ¥ 120 per month. There are public washing room and public kitchen in this building.



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